Simple yet not so simple

Sometimes, it is the little things in life that have the most effect. It got my attention, because of its simplicity and yet I find it a bit…boring. It would probably take a while for me to understand what the book is trying to tell me. But what do I know, I am having a hard time with typography anyway.


Type master plan


The design goes for the master plan of ruling the world of typography. The design is really well done. Nicely organize, a pinch of chaos and perfect choice in colour for the theme. The fact I chose it because of Baskerville…was mainly the reason. tee…hee. I can’t seem to find the name of the designer though.

A type specimens book


How do this guys do it? They somehow create this wonderful pieces of art with using just the one font. But I find it as difficult as trying to create an abstract painting. How they can create chaos and order at the same time, I’ll never figure out. I understand it takes time and practise, but it gets so frustrating at times. It is hard to define the difference between illustration and typography.

Post cards after and before

Postcard draft .2

Postcard draft

My inspiration for the first post card is the struggle between two types of people, those who work by paper and those who work by hand. There seems to be a line between the two, where it is rare for these two to meet eye to eye.

The second postcard was inspire from the lemmings game. Be careful who you listen to, they might just send you off a cliff.

The third is inspired by the unfairness of how people treat other because of the jobs they have. If anything, one should expect one’s butt to be kick if they think they can sit on a person.

Typographic systems



I didn’t know that there were systems to design pages. This was a very good experience.
The systems are in each order:
Axis system – a spine with two text on either side.
Radial system – vertical rays of the sun style.
Dilatational system – circles dilate or expand from central point.
Horizontal waves from central point.
Transitional system – Lines of type moving you through the page.
Bilateral system – text centered
Random system – spontaneous design (in other words, go nuts!)