Content research

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…How do they make it looks so easy?!
Contents are from Snow white and the seven dwarfs: The Art and Creation of Walt Disney’s classic animated film, Broken pencil magazine, Chicken soup for the soul: Miracles Happen, and the Pilgrim’s Progress.


Icon research


I find this set of icons quite interesting. They look like the icons I see when download a mystery game. It is very nostalgic. They are on a website that sells these icons for customers computer. More like artists selling their artwork. The icons are basically have a similar feel to the icons you usually see on the Mac, but with an old antique feel, like what you probably see in the 1800’s. I am guessing it was design for those who are interested in old antiques or have their computer have a feeling of mystery, but still have an idea what the icon is for. In some of the icons you would see an 1800’s or late 1800’s telephone(phones or contacts), an old compress(internet), 1800’s cottage(homepage), etc. They give off a brown colour. Mostly wooden. Besides that, is still gives off of what the icons are for even though they look different.