Photoshop test 3

Trail and error. But sometimes great art is made by trail and error….I think.Photographtestthree


13 thoughts on “Photoshop test 3

  1. I really like the visual aspect to it .I like the first text as well “Puzzles are nice….” but i dont really see the need for the second text area because to me it dosent tell me much. For Ex. So, Please , Dont… do drugs, cut yourself, make puzzles?
    You could maybe go along the lines of “So, Please, Dont make yourself into one…, or so please dont break apart like one… or maybe take that part away altogether.


  2. I really like this design. The blade and blood. And some effect on the arm also.
    BTW, did you ever thought about use only on coarse line on the wrist? like real wounds that suicide has.
    I understand your idea connect with puzzle and it really cool.
    However, still, for describe puzzle idea, you need more than 6~7 words. also it have some unnatural sense when we compare with real world.
    I hope I didn’t harm your feeling.


    • Not at all. I wasn’t really sure how this poster will turn out. I was a little worried that viewers would not like to see an arm being cut, but if it gets their attention then I know I have done my job. And…hmmm…I’ll keep the coarse line in mind when I work on the final three posters. Thank you. 🙂


  3. I think this is a really effective concept, Karen. I do think the subheader, “So please don’t” is a little off. And I don’t know about “So please don’t cut yourself” either because that acts as a graphic trigger for those that do/have cut before. I’d think maybe taking the sub out all together and put in what Maggie suggested in test two (a phone number to a helpline) would work best and if you really wanted to put something else there, maybe try and have something like, “Help is always here.” or “You’re not alone.” (something that makes the affected person feel less isolated as that’s a common feeling in suicidal people) before having the number there.


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